With the current supplement market industry norms in India, marketplaces are the talk of the town. For their Lower prices and apparently Genuine holograms from official importers. Let us brief you on how marketplaces work;

Anybody in India, can sell protein powders or supplements online with the help of these marketplaces, that aim towards highest availability of products, by distributing the products in stock from various entities. The pro to this for a customer can be that a marketplace always has the product he/she is looking to buy, while the downside to this is that there is no authentication or authorisations for sellers from the official importers. This gives rise to the FAKES, and the whole industry has to face the consequence of this blunder. 

Epic Store doesn't encourage the marketplace model in any way or form, and it regulates all product distributions through their personal warehouses across the nation, for the fastest delivery of Nutritional supplements for our Indian user. Choosing Fedex as our authorised delivery provider, ensures a technically sound and speedy delivery of your favourite protein powders,BCAAs and more. All of the products on Epic Store are 100% Authentic and they come with original importers labels and a GST invoice. Lately, almost all of the products on the website have a scratch code provided by the original importer in order to verify the authentic nature of the Supplement.

To top it all off, We quite possibly have the Lowest prices in India on all of the Supplements hosted on our site. We would encourage you to CHECK the prices first before buying.

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